About Us

My Dear Shoppers,
To get you to know a bit about the person behind “I Love Yoga Store”…
This is me.
My name is Anh Dinh.
I am a Vietnamese Canadian, an Engineer, an Entrepreneur, a Single Mom of 2 daughters.
I was born and grew up in a middle-low class family in Vietnam. Both of my parents had to do 2-3 jobs simultaneously to be able to raise me and my sister and brother at that time. Regardless of all the financial difficulties, I had to admit that I had such a wonderful childhood in the love of my parent’s arms.
But once I grew up and started exposing to the outer life, things were no longer as happy and peaceful as I used to have at young ages.
Like other women, I fallen in love, got married and had kids. I thought life would be that way. However, I was lucky enough and un-lucky enough to marry the wrong “guy”.
The good part of my marriage is to get me become a mom of 2 lovely daughters. They are my WHY for everything I am trying hard for.
The opposite-side of good part is to marry a drunk man, receive violence from him many times, see him having an affair in front of my eyes when the second baby was only 3-month old.
The divorce left me almost $0 in my pocket. The only “thing” I got left is my two precious daughters.
Practicing Yoga and Meditation is what I do most of the time to find my inner-peace again, heal back my painful heart. Without Yoga, I would never be able to overcome all the grieving and pain, accept and let go off what is no longer belonged to me.
I would say I’ve been re-born. This time is with Yoga.

About "I Love Yoga Store" 

 “I Love Yoga Store” is like my third daughter whom I love, nurture, take care of as much as I do with my two daughters.
With the love of practicing yoga, wearing accessories as well as decorating our little home, I always dream of having a business of my own, where it’s allow me to turn what I am passionate about into something I love to do everyday.
My store’s mission is to bring the most fashionable and high-quality yoga clothes, accessories and housing decorations to all the meditation and yoga practitioners as well as women – we are the ones who make this world more beautiful.
In addition, 100% customer satisfaction is what we always aim for in the business. Each piece of products is well chosen to ensure it will meet your expectation and brings happiness into your everyday.

Lastly, to teach my daughters about the meaning of sharing in life as well as supporting the orphanage children back in my home country in Vietnam, we decide to donate part of our profit to help them. Tam Duc Orphanage Center is the place that I’ve been supporting for two years till now. Please refer to this link for more information.