Our Social Mission

5% of profits goes to Tam Duc Orphanage Center


Dear Customers,

On the very last day of the year two years ago, by chances I received one calendar booklet for the coming new year handed to me by one of my friends. It had so many pictures of adorable babies and toddlers in each page of the calendar.

Out of my curiosity, I immediately went to search for the place and its address where those pictures were taken and found out that it was the Tam Duc Orphanage Center in Linh Son Temple.

My heart pounded when I first visited their place after that. A lot of children were taken care by a Buddhist Nun - Ms. Tam Hue. Through some sharing from Ms. Tam Hue, I came to know that the Center had been running solely by the kind-hearted public donations.

By looking at these adorable children, none of us think that they are all orphanage. Most of them were left by their parents when they were just born.

In the center, Ms. Tam Hue is their only Mother who loves, raises and protects them, pampers out those sadness they face to soon in their lives. The older ones would help to take care of, feed and play with the younger ones.

Children is to be loved and protected. However, the orphans here are still in lack of many things, from love to facility, materials… Every time I visit them, they love receiving the tightly hugs the most.

When coming back, I decide to do something more long-term and meaningful, so that I can share the challenges and difficulties with Ms. Tam Hue in term of supporting and raising the kids.

And with “I Love Yoga Shop”, I believe that giving a part of the profits to the Center is the best thing I can do to help them.  

Should you need to find out more or donate directly to the Center, you may do so via this link: